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Germany expands cooperation with Senegal

Federal Minister Gerd Müller meets Senegal's President Macky Sall

09.08.2016 |

Germany will increase its cooperation with Senegal in the area of skills development in various trades. This is also to help create better opportunities for returnees. These plans were announced by Federal Minister Gerd Müller after his meeting with Senegal's President Macky Sall in Dakar. In total, the volume of the partnership with the West-African country is to be increased by 10 million euros.

"Senegal's young people need an opportunity in life and prospects for the future," Minister Müller said. "Germany is a strong partner and contributing its know-how to "dual" (school-based and company-based) vocational training. The best programme to prevent migration and help returnees is helping young people in Senegal to get vocational training. Then they can do their part to help take their country forward and build a future for themselves and for their families."

The BMZ programme "Successful in Senegal" is helping to support skills development projects in various trades and in the field of renewable energies.

In addition to the projects to expand the vocational training activities in Senegal, a German-Senegalese commission of experts is to develop opportunities for returning young people. With a view to intensifying business contacts and increasing private investment between Germany and Senegal, Senegalese expats living in Germany are to be encouraged to become involved as experts.

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