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Press release of 15.04.2016 |

With German assistance, measures will be carried out to further improve the prospects for the people living in Afghanistan and to provide greater assistance for returnees. That is the agreement arrived at by representatives of the two countries following talks in Kabul about future development cooperation.

The shared goal is to achieve tangible improvements in the economic and social living conditions for the Afghan population, thereby offering the people living in the country some kind of prospects for the future. Development cooperation is thus being used to create concrete incentives for Afghans who have fled the country to return. By promoting efforts to create employment and establish livelihoods, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is supporting the reintegration of returnees on the ground.

German Development Minister Gerd Müller said, "People in Afghanistan want a peaceful future in their own country. For that to be possible they need to feel safe and they need some kind of prospects for themselves and for their families. The main responsibility for this lies with the Afghan government. We are supporting them by helping to develop training and employment programmes. Our support depends very strongly on the commitments that our Afghan partners have made to carry out reforms. I expect the Afghan government to make a determined effort to tackle corruption at home and to strengthen the Afghan economy. That is the only way to create permanent jobs for the many young people in Afghanistan, giving them alternatives other than extremism or migration to Europe."

The strong rise in the numbers of Afghan women and men coming to Europe over the past year has shown us how important it is for people to be offered opportunities and a future in their own country. The BMZ therefore intends to expand programmes to foster employment in rural areas. Furthermore, the BMZ is planning to set up an information point, where Afghan women and men can find out about employment opportunities, small-scale loans and support for business start-ups as alternatives to migration, and to help them find their feet when they have returned home from abroad.

Germany is also providing support for education and training, for developing a state based on the rule of law and building up the necessary administrative systems, and for improving energy and water supplies in Afghanistan.

The German government has pledged a new amount of 124 million euros for these efforts. Another 80 million euros will be tied to the implementation of the promised reforms in the areas of fighting corruption, good governance, strengthening the economy, and organising customs and duties. This pledge makes Germany the third largest bilateral donor working in Afghanistan, after the US and Japan.

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