World Bank Spring Meeting

World's largest provider of development finance needs to commit to fighting hunger and poverty, says Müller

Lettering on the main building of the World Bank, Washington, USA

16.04.2015 |

Berlin/Washington – Today, German Development Minister Gerd Müller travels to Washington to attend the World Bank's Spring Meeting in his capacity as Germany's World Bank Governor. The present meeting in 2015, a key year for development, will be focusing on financing for the future global development goals, above all the fight against hunger and poverty.

Minister Müller said, "We now have a historic chance to enter into a new pact on the world's future. The primary goal of that pact must be to end poverty and hunger worldwide by 2030. We will only be able to meet this challenge if the international community works together. And the World Bank, the world's largest provider of financing for development, needs to commit to this particular focus, thus becoming one of the key players in this watershed year for development, 2015."

Minister Müller is taking part in a number of events in Washington, focusing on issues such as tapping additional sources of finance for climate action and sustainable development, and how to foster innovative, climate-smart agriculture. The Ebola epidemic in West Africa and ways of handling epidemics and crises in the future will also be on the agenda of the Spring Meeting.

"Ebola has shown us just how vulnerable the poorest countries are to unexpected crises. There are two lessons from this: first, we need to enhance our partner countries' resilience to crises and disasters, for instance by improving health care. And we need to prepare the World Bank to provide assistance more quickly and in a more targeted manner when similar challenges emerge in the future," Müller said.

On Saturday, Minister Müller will participate in the Development Committee Meeting of the World Bank's 25 Governors, at which World Bank President Kim, IMF Director Christine Lagarde and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will be present. He will also give a speech at the Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day rally on the National Mall in Washington.

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