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Germany steps up development cooperation with Ukraine

Germany's Development Minister Gerd Müller and Ukraine's Foreign Minister Andrii Deshchytsia

20.05.2014 |

Berlin – Today, Germany's De­vel­op­ment Minister Gerd Müller will meet Ukraine's Foreign Minister Andrii Deshchytsia to talk about expanding de­vel­op­ment co­op­er­a­tion between the two coun­tries.

The focus will be on what German de­vel­op­ment policy can do to help stabilise the economy and significantly improve living conditions for the people in Ukraine.

"The BMZ has been a reliable partner for Ukraine for 12 years now," said Müller. "The current situ­a­tion forces us to readjust our projects. I believe we now need to look at the following questions: What can we do to boost the economy in Ukraine and what opportunities can we create for people in disadvantaged rural areas? We have almost doubled our support for Ukraine and intend to focus our work on these areas. This will involve renovating schools and hospitals in rural areas, supporting local administration and making it responsive to people's needs, but also investment support for small and medium-sized companies. Before the end of this year, we will launch a scholarship programme together with the German private sector's Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations. What matters most now, is giving people opportunities, a chance in life. That, I believe, is the basis for peaceful de­vel­op­ment."

Back in February, Minister Müller had announced that funds for Ukraine would be increased by 20 million euros. This year, the BMZ is allocating a total of 45.5 million euros from its budget to projects in Ukraine.

Germany has been involved in Ukraine since 1993, initially with the TRANSFORM programme, a programme supporting the former CIS coun­tries. Official de­vel­op­ment co­op­er­a­tion dates back to 2002. Ukraine is an im­por­tant partner coun­try and, since 2002, the BMZ has provided 320 million euros to support the coun­try.

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