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BMZ expands its IATI reporting

31.03.2014 |

Bonn/Berlin – Which projects is the BMZ supporting in, say, Burkina Faso, Viet Nam and Zimbabwe? The answer to this question is just a few mouse clicks away on the internet. At the end of March, the BMZ again published a set of data and information on more than 6,000 ongoing, recently completed and newly planned projects in all its partner coun­tries in machine-readable form based on the standards of the In­ter­national Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) and the Busan transparency agreements. As an in­ter­national standard, IATI improves the comparability of different donors' contributions. The BMZ started publishing data for Germany under IATI in March 2013.

Germany is a founding member of IATI, which was created in 2007 at the High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Accra. Now more than 35 bilateral and multilateral donors and 23 partner coun­tries have signed IATI and more than 230 organisations are reporting regularly to the IATI registry, and these numbers continue to grow.

The High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, South Korea, in late 2011 and the G8 Summit in Lough Erne, UK, in June 2013 explicitly reaffirmed the importance of this transparency initiative. Germany, too, made a commitment at the meeting in Busan to publish timely, detailed and standardised information on de­vel­op­ment co­op­er­a­tion. It has adopted a progressive approach with regard to publication.

With this third release, the BMZ is providing comprehensive, recent basic data and documents on ongoing bilateral ODA projects and activities. For the first time, it is also reporting on non-governmental activities as well as regional and global activities. And the range of data for each activity has been expanded and now includes additional information, such as project partners, website links, the commitment date and information on terms and conditions. In addition, more strategy papers have been made available online. This data, which covers the year 2013, complements the statistically verified data that the OECD publishes annually on the basis of member states' ODA reporting. The OECD data often only becomes publicly available with a one-year delay.

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