Meeting of EU Ministers

Development Ministers jointly launch assis­tance fund for Central African Republic

German Development Minister Gerd Müller

14.07.2014 |

Florence – By adding his signature to the found­ing doc­u­ment for the Euro­pean Trust Fund "Bêkou" (Sango for "hope"), Minister Gerd Müller is con­tin­u­ing Germany's sup­port for the Central African Republic. The doc­u­ment will be signed in the mar­gins of the meet­ing of EU De­vel­op­ment Ministers that is being held in Florence on the evening of 14 July and on 15 July. Germany is planning to con­trib­ute five million euros to the Trust Fund this year, and to make avail­able another five million euros next year.

Minister Müller said, "Our joint Fund is a clear signal of the fact that we can only engage in effective de­vel­op­ment work if we work together and coordinate our activities. The people in the Central African Republic need assis­tance as quickly as possible when it comes to re­build­ing gov­ern­ment institutions, pro­vid­ing health care, ensuring food security and giving people a chance to return to their towns and villages. During my visit to the Central African Republic in March together with my French colleague, we discussed this joint approach. Now we are translating it into reality."

The joint Fund is intended to set effective projects in motion on a short-term basis in areas such as education, health, ag­ri­cul­ture and infra­struc­ture – projects that directly benefit people in need and facilitate the tran­si­tion from emer­gency relief to long-term de­vel­op­ment. Efforts to identify suitable projects are under way. The Fund's EU man­age­ment invites official de­vel­op­ment agencies as well as non­gov­ern­ment­al organisations to submit proposals.

In addition to Germany and the European Commission, France and the Netherlands are also founding members of the Fund for the Central African Republic.

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