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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon pays a visit to Federal Minister Gerd Müller

German Development Minister Gerd Müller welcomes UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for a meeting at the BMZ.

30.01.2014 |

Berlin – De­vel­op­ment Minister Gerd Müller welcomed UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for a meeting at the BMZ at the start of his visit to Germany. The topics focused on at the meeting were current crisis hotspots like Syria, the future role of the United Nations in global de­vel­op­ment policy and a global future and sustainability agenda to replace the Millennium Goals after 2015. 

Minister Müller said, "Convincing people that we need a global consensus of values is a shared task: hunger and pov­er­ty are a contradiction of people's right to dignity. 2015 is a crucial year for the global com­mu­ni­ty. We need to reach a joint understanding on a global agenda for the future that will further develop the Millennium Goals. Modern technologies are the basis for ensuring that sufficient food is produced everywhere, that our en­vi­ron­ment and our climate are protected, and that extreme pov­er­ty and hunger are eradicated. These are topics that concern us all, living on a planet where the popu­la­tion is growing by about 80 million people each year, the size of Germany's popu­la­tion."

Müller warned against the consequences if 20 per cent of the world’s people continue to consume 80 per cent of its resources. "What we need is an ecological and social market economy," Müller emphasised, assuring Ban Ki-moon that Germany will continue to give its all in helping to shape the post-2015 process.

Reflecting on the situ­a­tion in Syria, Minister Müller highlighted the committed work by the United Nations in this coun­try torn by civil war.

"The UN is an im­por­tant partner for us in the context of the Syrian crisis – for example, we are supporting UNICEF in Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. Germany has made almost 400 million euros available, with well over half of that being channeled via the United Nations. My Ministry alone has contributed almost 140 million euros so far, above all in order to support the efforts of neighbouring coun­tries in providing for the refugees from Syria. All that is not going to be enough," Müller warned, "because the situ­a­tion in and around Syria is threatening to destabilise the whole region."

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