Practical European cooperation

EuropeAid – coordinator of development policy

Since 2001, a new office within the Commission, EuropeAid, has been centrally responsible for the practical realisation of European development policy.

EuropeAid manages programmes and projects in all developing countries, i.e. both those countries that come under the remit of the Directorate-General for Development and those that are the responsibility of the Directorate-General for External Relations. The EuropeAid Cooperation Office operates under the guidance of the Commissioner for External Relations and the European Neighbourhood Policy. The Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid also has an important stake in EuropeAid’s work.

Formally EuropeAid is itself a Directorate-General. The aim in setting up the cooperation office was to bundle responsibility to the extent practicable, without centralising all decisions. All in all, the assistance provided by EuropeAid benefits more than 150 countries, areas and organisations.

EuropeAid is responsible for all phases of the project cycle required in order to reach the programme objectives laid down by the Directorates-General and adopted by the Commission, i.e. selection and appraisal of projects and programmes, elaboration of financing decisions, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of projects and programmes.

Everything that can better be settled at local level should be decided at this level rather than in Brussels. This is the basic idea underlying deconcentration moves. Programme management duties are increasingly being performed directly by the EU delegations in country. EuropeAid has thus transferred a large number of its staff to the in-country delegations.

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