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Logo: Senior Experten Service (SES)The Senior Expert Service (SES) is a foundation set up by Germany's private sector. It is the leading German organisation to place retired technical and managerial staff in voluntary assignments overseas.

In addition, a voluntary service programme was introduced under the SES in January 2017 for working people aged 30 and over. It is called Weltdienst 30+ (meaning "world service 30+") and enables people to share their skills and knowledge in developing countries and emerging economies.

All SES assignments are based on the principle of helping people to help themselves. SES volunteer experts concentrate on resolving technical or business problems that have arisen in small and medium-sized enterprises. However, clients also include public institutions, local authorities and non-profit bodies. The work of SES experts is also intended to help provide training to local personnel.

An SES assignment generally lasts at least three weeks, but never more than six months. The client in the counterpart country where the expert is being placed is, as a general rule, expected to pay the costs of the assignment. If this proves impossible, BMZ funds can be used to pay part of the costs. The BMZ has been contributing some nine million euros annually to support SES assignments.

Since it was founded in 1983, the SES has placed more than 40,000 volunteers on assignments in 160 countries.

Further information on the SES programmes for retired skilled workers, experts and Weltdienst 30+ can be found here.

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Senior Expert Service (SES)

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