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International Kolping Society

The International Kolping Society is a Catholic society for social assistance, which is today represented in 60 countries. A total of some 450,000 people have joined the society. At local level they are organised as 5,000 Kolping families, which see themselves as self-help groups.

The specialist development organisation which coordinates development cooperation activities at international level on behalf of the International Kolping Society is the non-profit body, Social and Development Aid of the Kolping Society (SEK).

The SEK runs development projects with its partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Central and Eastern Europe. The International Kolping Society works on the basis of the principle of active help towards self-help. This can mean housing construction projects for poor families in India, providing traineeships for young people, extending small-scale loans to craftsmen and –women, organising education programmes and water projects, or offering support for AIDS orphans and providing on-the-spot medical care.

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Kolping International

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Phone: +49 / 221 / 207 01-48
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