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KfW Entwicklungsbank

Within the KfW Group, KfW Entwicklungsbank is responsible for Financial Cooperation with developing countries. Financial Cooperation is the single most important instrument in German development cooperation in terms of volume. It comes into play where there is a shortage of long-term capital, and where the market has either failed or is not yet functioning satisfactorily.

KfW Entwicklungsbank supports its partners in introducing economically sound and socially just development. The overarching goal of Financial Cooperation is to reduce poverty and improve living conditions, especially for the poorer sections of the population. It promotes investment in infrastructure, financial systems and environmental protection, for instance by investing in preserving natural resources. By setting up efficient financial systems which offer smaller and medium-sized enterprises new opportunities, new avenues are opened up to boost income and create jobs. In regions hit by crises, for instance, KfW Entwicklungsbank investments in employment programmes help stabilise the social environment.

KfW Entwicklungsbank does not implement its projects itself. The project executing organisation is always an institution in the partner country. KfW projects and programmes are always coordinated closely with German Technical Cooperation projects and with the measures of other bilateral and multilateral donors.

Working on behalf of the German government, KfW Entwicklungsbank appraises projects to determine whether or not they are eligible for development-policy promotion, finances them, and provides back-up services for partner institutions during implementation. Subsequently, it reviews the success of every project. The funds provided to this end from the German national budget are partly supplemented by funds raised by the KfW on the capital market.

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