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German Development Institute /
Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungs­politik (DIE)

The German Development Institute (DIE), which was founded in 1964 and has its headquarters in Bonn, is engaged in develop­ment policy research, policy advice and training. Its share­holders are the Federal Republic of Germany, which has a share of 75 per cent, and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, with 25 per cent. The institute pro­duces reports on develop­ment policy topics for the BMZ and other public institutions within Germany and abroad.

The DIE is one of the world's leading think tanks on issues of global development and international development policy. The University of Pennsylvania's most recent Global "Go-To Think Tanks" report placed the DIE fourth on its table of top inter­national development think tanks.

The DIE, which operates on an interdisciplinary basis, advises government institutions on topical issues pertaining to co­op­er­a­tion between industrialised and developing countries, for ex­am­ple on aspects of global economic, foreign and security policy that have an impact on development policy. One particular focus is research into global public goods. Issues related to climate change mitigation and adaptation thus make up a large part of the DIE's research agenda.

Its advice is based on independent academic research con­ducted by its own staff and by external experts. The DIE works with networks and partner institutes in all parts of the world. The results of its research are generally published in one of the DIE's publication series and can be accessed via the DIE website.

Postgraduate programme

The DIE's postgraduate programme prepares European grad­u­ates for work in the field of national and international develop­ment policy. The programme mainly consists of courses on specific development policy topics and on issues pertaining to glob­al­isation. The programme lasts nine months and includes an eleven-week stay in a developing country. Each year up to 22 graduates take part in the course. On completion of the course, almost all of them find jobs with development policy institutions either in Germany or abroad.

Global Governance School

In 2007, the DIE and InWEnt (which has now been merged with other organisations into the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Inter­na­tio­nale Zusammenarbeit – GIZ) were commissioned by the BMZ to establish the Global Governance School. The School brings to­geth­er young professionals from the worlds of policy research and policy implementation from Europe and from Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan and South Africa, countries that are termed "anchor countries" in German develop­ment policy. Together they work on finding solutions to current and future global problems. The Global Governance School lasts two months and is part of a training and dialogue programme called Managing Global Governance, which is organised jointly with the GIZ and lasts six months altogether. The programme includes practical and research internships with German min­is­tries, German and European research and advisory facilities and international organisations.

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German Development Institute (GDI)

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