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Caritas International

Caritas international (Ci) is the aid arm of Caritas Germany. It is responsible for worldwide disaster relief and reconstruction assistance, the development of social services and the strengthening of social and political structures.

In addition to direct support for specific programmes, Caritas international helps establish partner bodies, provides capacity development services, and helps them gain and ensure their autonomy. It can rely on a wealth of experience gained by Caritas Germany, which runs a wide spectrum of social facilities and services in Germany, and helps shape social policy there. Caritas Germany is the country's largest charitable association, and works not only in Germany but throughout Europe and the world for fair living conditions, human rights and the introduction of minimum social standards.

Important fields of its work include emergency and disaster relief, and work with children, young people, the disabled, pensioners, the sick, and marginalised individuals.

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Caritas Germany
(International Aid)

P.O. Box 420
D-79004 Freiburg
Phone: +49 / 761 / 200-0
Fax: +49 / 761 / 200-541

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