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Veneer production in Cameroon

Development partnerships with the private sector are short- to medium-term projects that are implemented jointly by businesses and implementing organisations concerned with international development work.

In these development partnerships, both partners are on an equal footing. Both expect to benefit from the partnership, and both meet their share of the costs of implementing the projects.

Development partnerships combine the innovative capacity of the private sector with the resources, knowledge and experience of development policymakers. Moreover, these partnerships mobilise additional funds for development-policy processes and objectives, and promote the transfer of expertise and modern technology to developing countries. This means they generate enormous benefits for development cooperation.

The businesses also profit in specific ways, though, because they receive additional public funds and are able to tap into new markets for their products and services. They are supported in their projects by experienced development-policy implementing organisations that possess expertise in the sector and/or country involved.

Development partnerships now exist in all areas of German development cooperation work. Many measures aim to help protect the environment and promote sustainable natural resource management, and create jobs – also in rural areas.

The BMZ provides financial support for development partnerships

On top of these offers of support, companies can seek support for their business ventures in developing countries and emerging economies through the

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