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This e-kiosk provides information about the effects of the environmental programme FORCLIME in Indonesia.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) uses information and communication technologies (ICTs) to gather and analyse data. This facilitates the associated monitoring and comprehensive evaluation of programmes and projects, which in turn enables the BMZ to keep improving its measures, in keeping with the objective of results- and outcome-oriented development cooperation, and to focus more on promoting the most successful projects.

The BMZ uses ICTs to make development cooperation more transparent and more visible. Citizens in our partner countries and in Germany have better access to information about ongoing, planned or completed programmes. Digital technologies can be used to draw on the knowledge of the people who are meant to benefit from measures so as to enrich the planning and implementation of development policy projects.

In many developing countries there is still a lack of transparency in government action and inadequate accountability towards the people. ICTs can help here and can create new possibilities. The BMZ wants to empower people, giving them the knowledge and the tools to comprehend, influence and monitor political decisions. The BMZ also applies the same standards to its development policy, aiming to be as open and transparent as possible towards German citizens and to inform them about its work.

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