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The aim of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is to boost the revenue of the local digital economy in developing countries, create fairly paid jobs and thus generate new opportunities. Hence, the BMZ is promoting employment and innovation in the partner countries of German development cooperation by advising and mentoring start-ups and entrepreneurs, from the drawing board to market readiness.

The BMZ has increased its collaborative efforts with the German, European and local digital business sectors with a view to supporting economic growth in its partner countries. It is forging new alliances with large and medium-sized companies as well as with start-ups. Potential partners include not only conventional IT companies, but any business that has recognised that the digital revolution requires a rethink in all areas of life (such as logistics, health, administration, mobility and transport). The objective is to promote partnerships from which everyone benefits: the partner countries and Germany as well.

To this end the BMZ has developed various programmes: development partnerships with the private sector, the Strategic Partnership for a Digital Africa initiative and the tech-entrepreneurship initiative Make-IT.

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