No life without water

A farmer in Togo irrigates his field.

Water – key to realising the Millennium Development Goals

At the start of the 21st century 900 million people – around one seventh of the world po­pu­lation – lack access to clean pot­able water. Some 2.5 billion are without basic sani­tation facilities.Water scar­city and poor water quality are among the chief causes of poverty, disease and environ­mental de­gra­da­tion. In the face of world population growth, increasing urbani­sation and industriali­sation and emerging climate change, it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide and maintain adequate water supplies. more

Germany’s involvement in international initiatives

Water is at the top of the international community's development agenda. Germany is involved in a large number of international initiatives aimed at bringing about improvements in the water sector. more

German development cooperation in the water sector

Internationally, Germany is one of the three largest bilateral donors in the water sector. Each year the German government spends around 350 million euros on programmes and projects in this field. Water is a priority area of German development cooperation in 28 countries, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and the Middle East. Germany’s ongoing development cooperation projects are helping some 80 million people worldwide to benefit from improvements to their water and sanitation services. more

Further information on water

Here you will find a selection of links to English-language documents and websites containing further information on water. more

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