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German consumers bear a share of the responsibility for working conditions in the garment industry because of their shopping behaviour. This also means that they can make a difference by making informed purchasing decisions, thus ensuring that more and more goods from environmentally and socially viable production come onto the market.

This requires transparency. Consumers need to be able to tell under what conditions their garments have been produced. Existing labels, such as the Green Button (in German), Fairtrade label or the label of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) are helpful in this regard. There are now more and more retailers specialising in ecologically and ethically correct fashion. But one thing is still missing: clear guidance for consumers.

That is why, in February 2015, the BMZ launched its web portal (in German), where consumers can find out more about the credibility of environmental and social labels used by the textile industry. Shoppers can also use the Siegelklarheit smartphone app while shopping.

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