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Training session for garment workers in Bangladesh

The BMZ supports the introduction and recognition of environmental and social standards in the countries where Germany has development cooperation programmes. In the textile sector, for example, there are relevant programmes in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Cambodia. Germany is advising the governments in those countries on the design of labour and environmental legislation, for example.

With a view to improving compliance with ILO core labour standards in the textile sector, Germany is pursuing targeted efforts to foster the dialogue between employers and workers, so that they are able to jointly identify problems and find answers. In order to enable workers to assert their interests effectively, Germany supports the establishment of unions and associations and the provision of training for trade union experts.

Since 2010, in Bangladesh alone more than 250,000 people employed as skilled workers and managers have been assisted through education campaigns and training programmes. After the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in 2013, Germany also offered training for former textile workers, helping them to build new livelihoods as micro entrepreneurs.

In Pakistan, there is a programme for the protection of natural resources. Germany is helping the textile industry to use water efficiently. This reduces the level of water consumption. And, since less water is polluted, the health of the workers improves.

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