Migration and climate

Cooperation in action

Ferry on the river Bhairab, a side arm in the delta of the Ganges, as a connection to the city of Khulna.

Bangladesh: Managing climate change induced migration into urban areas

Bangladesh is one of the countries worst hit by climate change. A programme directed at helping municipalities to manage climate induced domestic migration into urban areas – funded under the BMZ's special initiative "Tackling the root causes of displacement, reintegrating refugees" – is helping to address these challenges. more

Fiji islands

The Pacific Islands: Planning relocation now in order to reduce climate-induced displacement in the future

The Pacific island states are particularly vulnerable to the negative consequences of climate change. Whilst they contribute only marginally to climate change, they suffer disproportionately from the negative impacts because of their geography. The BMZ programme "Coping with Climate Change in the Pacific Islands Region" supports participatory and inclusive processes in the planning and realisation of small-scale relocation measures. more

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