Climate risk insurance

Cooperation in action

Fieldwork in Northern Kenya

Insurance for Africa: Policies to cover the impacts of drought

Drought poses a particular risk for African countries, and climate change will exacerbate the problem. In the past, little has been done to address the economic consequences of this. But that is now changing. As part of the InsuResilience initiative for Climate Risk Insurance, Germany and the United Kingdom are supporting the African Risk Capacity Insurance Company (ARC). If a drought occurs, the ARC finances an emergency programme that has been previously agreed with the country in question and approved by an independent committee of experts. more

Farmers harvesting potatoes in the Andes

InsuResilience Investment Fund: Coverage against natural disasters

Most people in developing countries have no kind of insurance against the effects of floods, heavy winds and droughts. This means that such weather events constitute a poverty risk for them. Every storm, every shower makes small farmers fear for their crops. They have to adapt to the consequences of climate change. But who will pay for broken dykes, destroyed buildings and lost crops? The InsuResilience Investment Fund (IIF) supports the introduction and enhancement of insurance products that can cover people against climate damage. more

Petrol station for cars and tuktuks in New Delhi, India

Developing the insurance market in India, Zambia and Paraguay

Under InsuResilience, an innovative pilot project is being planned in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. It will combine natural disaster insurance with a savings plan component and with basic health insurance. This is an attractive product for rural clients because it can help them achieve and protect their life goals (such as building a home and giving their children an education) by taking out coverage against sudden challenges such as illness and natural disasters. more

Rice harvest in Bangladesh

Harvest monitoring by satellite: Reliable harvest forecasts for governments, quick assistance for rice farmers

Rice is one of the main staple crops in the world, and it is the main source of income for farmers in Asia. However, the entire region is faced with extreme weather conditions. Time and again, entire harvests are wiped out by floods, typhoons and droughts. The RIICE partnership helps rice farmers and governments in South-East Asia and India to monitor rice production through satellite images. more

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