Climate risk management

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A fisherman near the island of Bunaken

Climate change in the Pacific island region

Because they are small in size and low-lying, the Pacific island states are particularly vulnerable to the impact of climate change. The BMZ has a programme "Climate change in the Pacific island region" to support the Pacific island states. Under this programme, German experts have, since 2009, been successfully advising 15 Pacific island states, including Fiji, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, the Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. more

Coastal villages in the Mekong delta are suffering more and more from flooding due to climate change, particularly, where the mangrove forests have disappeared.

Mangroves: universal protection for coasts, the climate and the environment

Thanks to their dense tangle of roots, mangrove trees are ideally suited for the protection of tropical coasts. Even a strip of mangroves that is only 100 metres wide makes a decisive difference in breaking the destructive force of storms or even tsunamis. However, in many regions their continued existence is threatened by logging. As part of a programme for "Integrated coastal management in the Mekong Delta", the BMZ is supporting projects in Viet Nam for the reafforestation of mangrove forests. more

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