The refugee crisis

Camp for Syrian refugees on the Syrian-Turkish border near Nizip

Background information: The global refugee crisis

Worldwide, there are about 60 million displaced people – more than at any other time since World War II (as at June 2015). These people are fleeing violent conflicts, human rights abuses or political, ethnic or religious persecution. Another factor that more and more frequently leads to displacement is extreme natural events. Only a small proportion of the world's refugees embark on the journey to Europe. Almost 90 per cent of them find refuge in developing countries. more

German activities: Tackling the root causes of displacement, stabilising host regions, supporting refugees

In recent years, wars and conflicts have forced millions of people to leave their homes. In addition to these causes of displacement, which can emerge over relatively short periods, there are also structural causes that have emerged over long periods, such as poverty, inequality, weak governance, shortages of resources or food insecurity. Regardless of how the causes of displacement have come about, the only way they can be tackled is through long-term efforts. This requires initiatives to strengthen political and economic stability and to improve security and social cohesion. more

European and international refugee policies

In view of the growing number of refugees worldwide, it is the BMZ's view that the European Union and its member states will have to increase their efforts – both in terms of their development activities and in other policy fields. At the initiative of Development Minister Gerd Müller, the EU decided in February 2015 to provide special funding to the tune of one billion euros in response to the refugee crisis in the region of Syria and Iraq. The refugee situation has further worsened since that time. Minister Müller has therefore been calling for further efforts. more

Further information

Here you can find a selection of links and documents that offer further reading on the topic of tackling the root causes of displacement and reintegrating refugees. more

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