Euresa Bajrami's successful return

Euresa Bajrami returned to Kosovo in 2016 and is working as a selfemployed confectioner.

Euresa Bajrami's story: "Together with my family, I came to Germany in early 2015. I was seventeen at the time. We lived in north-west Germany, where I attended vocational school and took a course in restaurant and food services. I particularly liked baking cakes, so I became interested in making pastries.

"When we returned to Kosovo in mid-2016, I wanted to pursue this interest, but I didn't know about the options I would have for doing this back home. So I turned to the migration advice centre in Kosovo for advice. At their suggestion, I took a course in pastry baking at a recognised vocational training centre. Then I took the plunge and started my own business. Together with my mother, I launched a small pastry baking operation in Pristina.

"So far, we've been baking cakes at home and selling them through the internet. But we soon want to start a real shop. The centre also gave me advice on training opportunities in Germany, as I would like to train in restaurant services there. I want to use the skills I gain there to further expand our family business.

"Maybe we will be able to hire some staff later on, thus creating jobs for other people in our home country."

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