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Schoolgirls at the German International School in Indonesia

Background: Education - A human right

Education is a human right and the foundation on which the cultural identity of the individual and society develops. Education alone can neither feed people nor make them rich, and it cannot create social justice, but it is essential for sustainable development and peaceful coexistence. Education enables people to improve their political, social, cultural, societal and economic situation. more

Promoting education – a priority area of German development policy

Promoting education is a priority area of German development policy. In February 2012, the BMZ published a strategy setting out the German government's development policy objectives in education. The guiding vision of the BMZ's education strategy is lifelong learning – from early learning through primary and secondary education, vocational and higher education to adult education. The BMZ's approach is a holistic one that puts people at the centre, includes all the relevant actors and strengthens education systems overall. The important cross-cutting issues are quality of education and equality of opportunity in access to quality education. more

General basic education

Poverty and educational deprivation are closely linked: educational deprivation is a major cause of material impoverishment. And in the absence of education, poverty is often carried over from one generation to the next. Six years of primary school, however, are not enough to prepare an individual to lead a self-determined life and gain entry into the labour market. The BMZ therefore promotes basic and secondary education within a holistic approach. more

Vocational education and training: Well-qualified specialists for sustainable development

Vocational training is the cornerstone of sustainable economic development. But it is more than that, vocational education and training are an important part of people's personal development. By providing a secure livelihood and giving people confidence in their own abilities, vocational training gives people self-assurance to play their part in society. more

Higher education and science: Training tomorrow's leaders, strengthening scientific expertise on the ground

Education, science and research are essential for a country's social and economic development. In the globalisation process, knowledge is increasingly becoming a crucial advantage in international competition – the need for well-trained specialists and executives in developing and emerging countries is growing steadily. This requires improved access to tertiary education for all population groups and the development of top-quality institutions of higher education and research. more

Documents and Links

Here you can find a selection of links to documents and websites providing further information on education issues. more

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